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[7Nov19] The main purpose of this section of the site is an aide-[to my failing]-mémoire of photographers I want to be aware of because they are cited in OCA course material or because I admire them. There are (or will be, over time) individual pages of those cited in particular courses - EyV, C&N, I&P - and the current course is the main entry point to the section.

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Abbott Adams Bravo Diane Arbus Arnett Atget Richard Avedon BakerJohn Baldessari Barnard Barney Becher Bernhard Bing Bourdin Bradshaw Mathew Brady Brandt Brassai Bruun Burgon Burson
text Calypso Cameron Capa Capponi Cartier Bresson Daniel Castonguay Chassaing-Cuvillier Cooper Coplans Cosci D'Agostin Daguerre Dearden Diaz Dieuzaide text Eberstadt Edgerton Eggleston Engstrom Evans Andreas Feininger Fenton Fonssagrives Fox Talbot Frank Friedlander Godwin Goldblatt Gursky
Halsman Hine Hopper Horn Hunter Hutton Jackson Olga Karlovac Kertesz Khan Kirkpatrick Kjeldgaard Klein Knorr Kubrick Kuhn Lange Lartigue Learoyd Link Luxemburg
Mann Mansell Mapplethorpe Marker Moholy Nagy Moos Morell Murtha Nadar Newton Newton Niépce Ormerod Pak Parks Parr Pippin Prager Prince Rauschenberg Man Ray Rees Albert Renger-Patzsch Richter Roberts Robertson Ronis Ruff Runk Ruscha
Salgado Sander Sato Schmidt Seawright Shulman Singh Steinberg Steinert Stieglitz Strand Sugimoto Taylor Taylor Thompson Wolfgang Tillmans Trevor Van Dyke Vanvolsem Wall Wearing Weegee Welling Welpott Wesely Weston Garry Winogrand Wood Woodman Worthington

Cot - The photograph as contemporary art, Cotton, C., 2014, Thames & Hudson
Exp - Experimental Photography, a Handbook of Techniques, 2015, Thames and Hudson
Foc - Why it does not have to be in focus, Jackie Higgins, 2013, Thames & Hudson
Gen - The Genius of Photography, Badger, G, 2007, Quadrille Publishing
Jef - Photography, a concise history, Jeffrey, I., 1996, Thames & Hudson
Jef2 - How to read a photograph, Jeffrey, I., 2008, Thames & Hudson
McC - The making of great photographs, McCabe, E., 2005, David & Charles
MLC - Icons: 20th Century Photography, Museum Ludwig Cologne, 2001, Taschen
P50 - 50 Photographers you should know, Stepan, P., 2008, Prestel
Pho - The Photo Book, 2000, Phaidon Press
PS150 - Photography speaks / 150 Photographers on their Art, ed. Johnson, B., 2004, Aperture Foundation
Sza - The photographer's eye, Szarkowski, J., 2007, MoMA
Who - Photography, The Whole Story, ed. Hacking, J. prestel Publishing, 2012

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